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Brussels Hotels Classification - Explanation


All hotels are classified by the Benelux Hotel Classification according to the system in which standard is indicated by stars from the lowest (1-star) to the highest  (5-star).

This classification is a statutory requirement by International law on hotels, which protects travelers and guarantees certain standards of quality.

Hotel star classification adhere to the following criteria:

: One Star Hotel -Simple Hotel ("Low Budget Hotel")
Toilets and showers/baths are shared, but rooms have sinks with hot & cold water, a table and a chair. Breakfast available.

: Two Star Hotel -Standard Hotel ("Budget hotel")
At least 25% of all rooms have private bath & toilet. Hotel amenities include a lounge, the availability of refreshments and bed lamps.

: Three Star Hotel - Middle-class hotel
All rooms have private bath & toilet. All rooms have telephone, full-length mirror, bedside lamps, baggage rack and central heating. Hotel facilities include day reception. The hotel with more than 2 floors always has an elevator.

: Four Star Hotel - First-Class Hotel
All rooms have private bath & toilet. All rooms have telephone, a writing table and an armchair. Other facilities include night reception desk, breakfast service and a bar.

: Five Star Hotel - Luxury Hotel
Large (at least 18 sq.m. for single and 24 sq.m. for double rooms) luxury furnished rooms with radio, TV and private bathroom. A wide range of amenities is at traveler disposal: 24 hours reception desk, gift shop, a la carte restaurant, 24 hours room service, baggage, parking and taxi services, booking services for trip, excursion and theater tickets.

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